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Picture this: a golden summer afternoon, a soft breeze blowing through the treetops. You’re having some of your favorite people over in your backyard. The sounds of joy and laughter fill the air while everyone is enjoying delicious food, drinks and having a good time.


Well, this beautiful image can be your reality. 

Capo Cuoco's outdoor kitchens provide you with the finest, most complete outdoor hosting experience. Each unit is planned, manufactured and installed with one thing in mind - the joy of great cuisine, high-end design and the love of hosting, in the comfort of your backyard, garden or terrace. 

The Capo Cuoco brand stands for much more than just cooking outside. It’s about people coming together, connecting and celebrating life. 




Our kitchens' design is completely modular. Each and every kitchen is entirely customized to your wishes and needs, so please, let your dreams run wild.

Whether you need a gas grill, a meat smoker, an induction stove, a pizza oven or even a griddle - whatever you desire, we can probably install it.


But wait, there's so much more. Our kitchens’ cutting edge modularity means not only a large variety of cooking installations, but also any other appliance or device to make your outdoor cooking experience exceptional, with a built-in refrigerator, a beer tap and a wine cooler to name a few options.

The great Capo Cuoco outdoor cooking experience is brought to you with comfort and practicality in mind – you decide the number, location and size of cupboards, drawers and shelves. 


Our agenda is quite simple – with a custom built outdoor kitchen tailored to your wishes and needs, cooking is so much more fun and easy, and even the food seems to taste better. 



Even if you live in a moderate climate, you probably have a few days of harsh weather each year. Let alone if you live in a place with extreme winter or summer weather. 

Capo Cuoco’s outdoor kitchens are renowned for their durability, and can resist any kind of weather.


High-grade raw materials, cutting-edge storage technology, covering solutions and meticulous production processes ensure your perfect enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen 365 days a year, season after season. 



At Capo Cuoco, we don’t just deliver quality and innovation, we also deliver fast. Our kitchens are designed to allow a short delivery process, with ordering to delivery time as short as a week.

You can install your kitchen yourself or have us do it for you in just a few hours.